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Special Topics in Flight Guidance, Navigation and Air Transport

Course No.
Course Type
Thu 14-18
F 216
Introductory lecture: 

Students must register in F3 with Prof. Uijt de Haag. A mandatory prerequisite for participation in this course, is one course from the following list: Aircraft Navigation, Integrated Aircraft Navigation, Aircraft Systems, Flight Management and Procedure Design, Avionics Systems for UAS, Flight Simulation Technology.The course is limited to 12 students. It is first come, first serve as long as you meet the requirements.

Participation in the introductory event is obligatory for participation in the course.

Module Description

The current module description is available via MOSES [1] as well as on the information page of Faculty V for the master's programme in Aerospace Engineering.

Course Content

In this course, the students will be given the opportunity to design, develop and implement guidance, navigation or traffic management systems for manned or unmanned aircraft (e.g., UAS) and test these systems in a relevant environment. 

At the beginning of the semester, the projects and hardware platforms will be presented. The projects will be related to various topics within the Chair of Flight Guidance and Air Transport Air. After this introduction, the groups will be formed and start their design. Each week, each group will shortly present their progress. Throughout the course, additional material and presentations will be provided on topics necessary to fulfill the projects’ requirements. Two major presentations will be provided by the teams (midterm and final).

Example projects include:

  • UAS swarming (e.g. formation flight),
  • Collaborative navigation,
  • Multi-lateration for surveillance purposes,
  • Indoor search and rescue, 
  • Autoland or emergency-landing navigation for Air Taxis and UAS,
  • Urban UAS route planning and trajectory optimization,
  • Software-radio for navigation aids,
  • Automatic taxi-guidance for UAS,
  • Avionics systems,
  • Etc.

Specific course outcomes: an ability to apply knowledge of flight guidance, navigation and air transport to the project topic, an ability to deepen your understanding and knowledge by performing a literature search relevant to the project topic, an ability to design a flight guidance, navigation and air transport system that meets a set of project needs, an ability to apply standard systems engineering practices (i.e. derive requirements, develop a design and implement and test this design), an ability to communicate effectively using oral and written communication, an ability to apply software tools (e.g. Matlab, Python, Robotic Operating System, etc.), an ability to understand the impact of engineering solutions in the environmental and societal context, ability to work efficiently as an individual and as part of a group




All teaching materials are offered via the ISIS platform.
ISIS online course: Special Topics in Flight Guidance, Navigation and Air Transport SoSe2021

Head of Chair

Prof. Dr. ir. Maarten Uijt de Haag
Chair of Flight Guidance and Air Transport
Sekr. F3
Raum F220
Tel. +49 (0) 30 314 - 22362
E-Mail-Anfrage [2]
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