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Flugführung und LuftverkehrFlight Management and Procedure Design

Flugführung und Luftverkehr


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Flight Management and Procedure Design ("Flugroutenplanung")

Course No.
Course Type
3534 L 622
Wed 14-18
F 11
Introductory lecture: 22.04.2020 at 14:00 (c.t.) (if necessary also as an online lecture on ISIS)

Registration for the ISIS course is possible in advance (without password)!

Participation in the introductory event is obligatory for participation in the course.

Module Description

The current module description is available via MOSES as well as on the information page of Faculty V for the master's programme in Aerospace Engineering.

Course Content


  • Overview and principles of aircraft navigation (inertial navigation, air data systems, Terrestrial navigation, satellite-based navigation, performance-based navigation, approach and landing systems, RNAV)
  • Definition of navigation performance parameters (accuracy, integrity, availability and continuity) and overview of the navigation requirements for various applications and phases of flight
  • Earth geometry, coordinate systems, maps and aircraft reference systems
  • Overview and principles of flight management systems
  • Flight dynamics of fixed-wing aircraft (Point mass model, flight performance, EUROCONTROL Base of aircraft data, BADA)
  • Autoflight systems modes (autopilot, autothrust, autoflight modes, vertical navigation, lateral navigation, autoland)
  • Flight trajectory optimization (cost index, mission cruise performance, optimum altitude, required time of arrival)
  • Flight management systems communication (ACARS, avionics interaction)
  • Human machine interface design of flight management system
  • General flight procedure design criteria (regulations and requirements, protection areas, minimum obstacle clearances, terminal area fixes, turn protection)
  • Flight procedure design: Departures and approach procedures (Conventional navigation, Area navigation (RNAV), protection areas and obstacle clearances, specific design criteria)
  • Differentiation between non-precision approaches, approaches with vertical guidance, precision approaches
  • Overview and principles of ARINC424 database coding


  • Design, Coding, and FMS implementation of a departure procedure
  • Design and software development of a flight management system
  • Implementation of the software FMS into a flight simulation environment


All teaching materials are offered via the ISIS platform.

ISIS online course: Flight Management and Procedure Design SoSe2020



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