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Flugführung und LuftverkehrFlight Management and Procedure Design

Flugführung und Luftverkehr


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Flight Management and Procedure Design ("Flugroutenplanung")

Course No.
Course Type
3534 L 622
Wed 14-18
F 11
Summer Semester 2022: Registration for the ISIS course is possible in advance (without password)!

Module Description

The current module description is available via MOSES as well as on the information page of Faculty V for the master's programme in Aerospace Engineering.

Course Content


  • Overview and principles of aircraft navigation (inertial navigation, air data systems, Terrestrial navigation, satellite-based navigation, performance-based navigation, approach and landing systems, RNAV)
  • Definition of navigation performance parameters (accuracy, integrity, availability and continuity) and overview of the navigation requirements for various applications and phases of flight
  • Earth geometry, coordinate systems, maps and aircraft reference systems
  • Overview and principles of flight management systems
  • Flight dynamics of fixed-wing aircraft (Point mass model, flight performance, EUROCONTROL Base of aircraft data, BADA)
  • Autoflight systems modes (autopilot, autothrust, autoflight modes, vertical navigation, lateral navigation, autoland)
  • Flight trajectory optimization (cost index, mission cruise performance, optimum altitude, required time of arrival)
  • Flight management systems communication (ACARS, avionics interaction)
  • Human machine interface design of flight management system
  • General flight procedure design criteria (regulations and requirements, protection areas, minimum obstacle clearances, terminal area fixes, turn protection)
  • Flight procedure design: Departures and approach procedures (Conventional navigation, Area navigation (RNAV), protection areas and obstacle clearances, specific design criteria)
  • Differentiation between non-precision approaches, approaches with vertical guidance, precision approaches
  • Overview and principles of ARINC424 database coding


  • Design, Coding, and FMS implementation of a departure procedure
  • Design and software development of a flight management system
  • Implementation of the software FMS into a flight simulation environment


All teaching materials are offered via the ISIS platform.

ISIS online course: Flight Management and Procedure Design SoSe2022



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