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Advanced Aircraft Navigation

Course No.
Course Type
3534 L 860
Fri 10-14
F 216
Introductory lecture: 24.04.2020 at 10:00 (c.t.) (if necessary also as an online lecture on ISIS)

Registration for the ISIS course is possible in advance (without password)!

Participation in the introductory event is obligatory for participation in the course.

Module Description

The current module description is available via MOSES as well as on the information page of Faculty V for the master's programme in Aerospace Engineering.

Course Content


  • Review of some basic nav systems: DME, VOR, GNSS
  • Definition of navigation performance parameters: accuracy, integrity, availability and continuity
  • Required navigation performance and performance based operation for manned and unmanned aircraft
  • Benefits of integrated navigation and sensor fusion
  • Basics of estimation theory in the context of navigation
  • Linear, Linearized, and Extended Kalman filters (KF, LKF, EKF) and its performance analysis
  • Integration mechanizations: DME/DME, DME/INS, GNSS/INS
  • Unscented Kalman filter (UKF) and particle filters (PF)
  • Laser-based navigation and laser-scan matching
  • Visual odometer (VO) and Visual inertial odometer (VIO)
  • SLAM, SLAM using EKF and PF, graph-based SLAM
  • Occupancy grids


  • Calculate positions using multiple navigation sensors with KF and EKF: DME/INS, GNSS/INS
  • Use laser scanners data to estimate change in position
  • Integrated laser scanners data with inertial measurements
  • Estimate change in position using monocular cameras
  • Compute the trajectory and generate a map of the environment at the same time


All teaching materials are offered via the ISIS platform.
ISIS online course: Advanced Aircraft Navigation SoSe2020

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Head of Chair

Prof. Dr. ir. Maarten Uijt de Haag
Chair of Flight Guidance and Air Transport
Sekr. F3
Raum F220
Tel. +49 (0) 30 314 - 22362
Fax +49 (0) 30 314 - 24459