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Lufo4 Projekt: Positive Pressure Breathing - PPB

A330 Full-Flight Simulator Study : Effects of positive pressure breathing on pilot performance


PPB Versuchsteam am A330/340 FFS im Finnair Flight Training Center in Helsinki

From our sub-project Fuel vs. Oxygen and another sub-project of Lufo4 KABTEC, carried out by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jürgen Wenzel from German Aerospace Center (DLR-ME) in pressure chamber tests. The question was derived, how positive pressure breathing affects the performance of pilots. A specific scenario was developed an implemented in the A330 Full Flight Simulator located at Finnair Flight Academy in Helsinki.
The aim of that study was to assess pilots training status on positive pressure breathing, the development of a specific training about the use of oxygen masks and to set up an A330 flight simulator scenario with subjects splitted in two groups (trained and untrained).

Project organisation

Project notation
Positive Pressure Breathing - PPB
Project funding
Airbus Deutschland GmbH
BCEBA1 (Oxygen Systems)
TUB project management
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Hüttig
Dr.-Ing. Oliver Lehmann
Research engineers
Dipl.-Ing. Ekkehart Schubert
Dipl.-Ing. Björn Appel

Tasks of TUB

PPB briefing of oxygen mask use with positive pressure by DLR-ME

The trial data was conducted on 10 days with 18 pilots in february 2010 . The mask producer Intertechnique provided a modified oxygen mask for the experiments. This mask allowed positive pressure breathing activation under normal external pressure. Pilots physiological parameters were recorded by DLR and also video recordings for behavioral observation. The TUB has supported the scenario implementation, provision of professional pilots and questionnaires and flight data gathering.

PPB Project (Video)

Presentations & Publications

  • Appel, B. & Schubert, E. (2011) : Improved decompression training with modified oxygen mask with positive pressure, presented on the World Aviation Training Conference and Tradeshow (WATS), Orlando, Florida.
  • Appel, B. , Schubert, E. Wenzel, J. , Lang, D. , Seifert, S. , Bloch, N. (2011) : Positive Pressure Breathing & Pilot Performance: The Possible Role of a Modified Oxygen Mask with Positive Pressure Breathing in Simulator Training, presentetd on the SAE 2011 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition, Toulouse, Frankreich.


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