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Integration of TUB's A330/340 Full Flight Simulator in the EEC PD3 Experiments

Prof. Dr.-Ing. G. Hüttig
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Dipl.-Ing. E. Brämer
Eurocontrol Experimental Centre (EEC)


The advanced Air Traffic Management (ATM) concepts developed within the Programme for Harmonised ATM Research in Eurocontrol (PHARE) focus on extensive air ground data link integration where the cockpit crew has to negotiate its intended trajectory with Air Traffic Control (ATC) on ground by data communication.

The main objective of this project is to expose a number of experienced airline pilots to the new concepts in order to obtain a feedback in terms of user acceptance and workload. The impact on these human factors as well as the modified cockpit procedures associated to the applied ATM Scenario are investigated. Finally, a secondary objective is to prove the technical commonality of the applied functionality to current avionics of modern civil aircraft types.


For Eurocontrol Experimental Centre’s (EEC) PHARE Demonstration 3 (PD/3) experiments, a distributed simulation environment including Berlin University of Technology’s (TUB) Airbus A330/A340 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) acting in dedicated en-route traffic scenarios with missions between Paris/Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam/Schiphol as well as Zurich/International and London/Heathrow was used.

At TUB’s Scientific Research Facility (SRF) as part of the A330/A340 FFS, the Generic Flight Management System (GFMS) and its Human Machine Interfaces (HMI, comprising display and input devices) were modified in order to technically participate in these trials. The world-wide unique access to the GFMS source code of the A330/A340 simulator via the SRF allowed a very realistic adaptation and evaluation of the GFMS software by experienced cockpit crews during the experiments.

The Final Report summarises the activities completed at TUB to achieve the project’s goal. It gives an overview of the functionality which had to be implemented and describes the results of the concluding field experiments.


G. Hüttig, H.Fricke, E. Brämer [1996]: "Distributed Simulation For Advanced Research in Air Traffic Management - Linking an A340/A330 Full Flight Simulator to an ATM Simulator of Eurocontrols Experimental Centre"; Proceedings of the Conference - "The Progress and Direction on Distributed Interactive Simulations" - 6/7 November 1996, London, Great Britain.

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