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Augmented Reality for Cockpit Operations (ARCOP)

Augmented Reality - AARES Simulator Test-Bed
Augmented Reality - See-through image (AARES Simulator)

"Augmented Reality Technology for Cockpit Operations” enables the integration of AR-Technology in an established flight deck concept via modern Smart Glasses (Microsoft Hololens, Epson BT-200). Applied research will determine the feasibility of augmented reality concepts during normal and abnormal flight operations, using AR smart glasses to build prototypes. The integration into a flight simulator allows the transfer of flight parameters, aircraft system information, standard operating procedures and data from electronic flight bag as needed to the smart glasses. Concepts to be tested included taxi guidance, enroute assistance and type familiarization.


Strümpfel, C., Behrend, F., Lehmann, O. (2016). "I have control – Single Pilot Operation als innovatives Konzept der bordseitigen Flugführung", Frequentis Symposium ATM Research & Industrie, Berlin. (Extended Abstract: http://www.frequentis.com/fileadmin/content/Documents/ATM-Symposium_2016/S11_Struempfel_SinglePilotOperation.pdf)

Behrend, F., Strümpfel, C., Lehmann, O. (2016). "Einsatz von Augmented Reality Technologien in einem Single-Controller Betriebskonzept", Frequentis Symposium ATM Research & Industrie, Berlin. (Extended Abstract: http://www.frequentis.com/fileadmin/content/Documents/ATM-Symposium_2016/S31_Behrend_SingleControllerBetriebskonzept.pdf)





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