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Degree Theses

All available thesis topics will be published here in the future. If a topic is of interest to you, you are welcome to apply for it in the form of an one sheet exposé. For further information, please contact the supervisor for the topic.

Open Thesis Topics

Open Thesis Topics
                           Start of Review Process: 15.11.2020


Development of a Global Weather DB for Mission Planning

Developement and integration of a sensor plattform for an unmanned ground vehicle
Programming and Testing

Evaluation of the Mosaic GNSS receiver for small UAS (in collaboration with Xsens)
Flight test, evaluation, and analysis

Flight test evaluation of a radar altimeter aided GPS precision approach system for UAS (in collaboration with GA-ASI) 
Programming and flight test evaluation

Bachelor/ Master
Virtual Reality Drone: continued development of a mapping drone using laser scanners, cameras and 3D imagers
Design and Programming

Bachelor/ Master
Swarming methods for infrastructure inspection using S500 Unmanned Aircraft Systems, UAS
Design and Programming

Bachelor/ Master
Trajectory-Based Operation (TBO) for remotely operated cargo UAS through a networked simulator setup (in collaboration with ISD) 
Algorithm design and evaluation in simulation

Bachelor/ Master
Improving aircraft energy and state awareness using predictive alerting for commercial aviation
Algorithm design and evaluation in the flight simulator

Bachelor/ Master
Integration of Real-Time Kinematic (i.e. high precision) GNSS and Inertial measurements for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, UAS (in collaboration with Xsens)
Design and programming

Bachelor/ Master
Incorporating high-accuracy GNSS in Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms used for urban air mobility, UAM (in collaboration with Xsens) 
Design and programming

Bachelor/ Master
Small unmanned aircraft system(sUAS) navigation in forest environments for fire fighting and environmental monitoring applications
Algorithm design and evaluation using flight test

Bachelor/ Master
Exploration of the use of machine learning techniques for urban guidance, navigation and surveillance
Algorithm design and evaluation in simulation

Bachelor/ Master
Performance-based urban “terminal area” navigation for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) with emergency landing capability
Algorithm design and evaluation in simulation

Bachelor/ Master

[Stand: 09.11.2020]

General Information

  • As far as possible, the majority of the thesis topics offered at the chair includes a practical part (hardware/-software development, design etc.)
  • Conventional thesis topics containing only theoretical work and literary research will only be released in exceptional cases
  • The chair sometimes also provides internships followed by a thesis (tagged as Collaboration Thesis)
  • A thesis at the chair isdone in paper format with around 20 pages

Application and assignment process

Application and assignment process
  • Every first Monday of a month, an updated version of available topics will be available at this webpage
  • You will have time to go through the topics and write a one-page exposé on motivation and first approaches /solutions concerning the problem solution
  • On 15th of every month the advisors start to review the exposés (you can still send in your exposés, but remember fist-come-first-serve)
  • After submission of a successful exposé a 4 weeks induction phase starts and results in a 5-page extended abstract.
  • By reading and evaluating the extended abstract, the supervisors decide to continue or abort the collaboration

Thesis categories

Standard and Conceptual
  • Literature research
  • Theoretical processing of models
  • Design concepts
  • Design and execution of test series
  • Dimensioning and design of constructive models
  • E.g. 3D printing, work at simulators like MARS or LuFo support
  • Development, validation and verification of algorithms
  • Further development and adaptation of existing models based on state of research
and Flight Test
  • Development of algorithms
  • Implementation and integration of new components
  • Validation and verification of work in flight tests at an airfield

Non-disclosure notices and confidentiality agreement

With effect from September 1, 2016, no blocking notes and further rules of secrecy beyond the usual duties of secrecy and due diligence are permitted for Bachelor and Master theses. This was decided by Faculty V (Mechanical Engineering and Transportation Systems) of the TU Berlin for all associated Bachelor and Master courses on April 6, 2016.Please also note the following handout of Faculty V:

Handreichung - Neue Regelung zu Sperrvermerken in Abschlussarbeiten der Fakultät V

Zusatzinformationen / Extras


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